Jasmine Palace

Smoking Area Provided
Website: Jasmine Palace
Location: Limerick
Cuisine: Chinese
Visits: 40
Phone: 061 412484
Address: O'Connell Street
County: Limerick
City: Limerick
The Jasmine Palace offer you a gourmet's delight of traditional Cantonese dishes. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Limerick you'll enjoy the exquisite food delicately prepared and creatively presented by their skilled chefs.

Service is attentive and diligent, and confers to the restaurant, among its stylish and spacious surroundings, a unique atmosphere of refinement.

The Jasmine Palace finds itself placed in major events such as the Circle of the Good Food (Host of the Final Dinner- February 2000), and won the Bushmills Awards in 2004 (Best Ethnic Restaurant outside Dublin).